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"I chose LBM LIFT OFF based on the fact that I dealt directly with the owners, who had extensive industry knowledge, and I liked how easy the program was to use " - Brad Strocko, Owner Bradley Building Products 

"I chose LBM LIFT OFF because my legacy program could not process my transactions. The owners understood my business and were able to quickly and economically customize LIFT OFF to satisfy my needs" - Brian O'Neill, Managing Partner Palm City Ironworks

"During my 25 years in the industry, I was involved in three system conversions. As a result, I developed a wish list for when I opened my own business. LBM LIFT OFF was the only program that hit all the numbers." - Tim Doyle, Co-Owner Northern Plains Lumber Company 

"The reasons I chose Lift Off are the functionality of the UOM features i.e. pick tickets work in the correct unit of measure; program search features; OE part information details; and the owner's industry experience. They were extremely helpful since they could convert industry language to technology."" - Larry Stucchi, Operations Manager Ashland Lumber Company Inc. 


Founded by LBM industry veterans - John Askin, Jr. and John Askin, Sr – who have a combined 45 years of experience in the management of a multi-location material distribution company.       

John Senior was the President and a minority shareholder in the company, and John Junior was a VP and Chief Financial Officer.  During the time they managed the company they evaluated as well as purchased and installed several different legacy software programs used in the operation of the business.

Their disappointing experiences working with these various programs compelled the Founders to design a new operations management software. LBM LIFT OFF provides dealers with a program that enables them to run their businesses as they see fit. 

About The Creator

John Askin Jr.


A 25-year building materials distribution veteran, John knows well the challenges and frustrations faced by independent distributors regarding enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and technology. 


A former executive with The Standard Group, John served on the board of Nemeon, a buying cooperative composed of over 180 independent distributors in the roofing and siding industry.   Through Nemeon, John had many opportunities to interface with members and discuss the problems facing the industry, one of which was dissatisfaction with the limitations of the technology available.  His participation as a member and past chairman of the Falcon advisory board for 7 years as well as 2 years on the BisTrack user advisory board helped him gain a unique understanding of what independent distributors want from their software providers. 


John was also a member of the Executive Council on Construction Supply, a nationwide networking group of independent material distributors, hosted by LBM Executive Editor Greg Brooks, which met annually to discuss emerging trends and key issues and concerns of distributors. 


Participating in these groups fueled John’s ambition to create a program for the LBM Industry. Therefore, he founded the company Yesware Solutions Inc. and developed the program LBM LIFT OFF. LBM LIFT OFF incorporates many of the features that he learned were on most distributor’s wish lists during the various user groups and networking sessions he attended. Now as the developer of LBM LIFT OFF, John brings a program with those desired features to the marketplace. 


John also learned that relationships are essential to the success of all building material distributors and it is his intention to deal with every customer on an owner to owner basis.  He and his father will be available to LBM LIFT OFF users from evaluation through implementation and most importantly after go live.  Both Askins  learned the importance of continual customer service through ongoing owner to owner communications during their years in the distribution business.  While at Standard, the Askins held many positions within the business including warehouseman, driver, salesman, branch manager, controller, VP and President.  From a forklift to the President’s desk they have done it all and bring a unique insiders understanding of what a software system can and should do to help everyone in the company.  That is what LBM LIFT OFF is prepared to deliver. 

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