LBM LIFT OFF is best-in-class ERP for the Building Materials Industry and comes standard with all of the following features:


Overall Point of Sale (POS)

Search and create products in seconds flat

Search by name, number, description, OE number, barcode or many more all from the sales line item. View results by product number, name, description or OE number. Choose from additional search results details. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can add the permanent product records from this same place in a couple of seconds.

Directly change accounts

View, change and create all the account information you like without ever leaving the POS.

Track account balances

Create, track and apply deposits and gift cards by account—all from POS.

Mouse is optional

If you’re not sold on the speed of a mouse for POS, feel free to complete all your invoices by only using the keyboard.

Custom security settings

Set multiple levels of security settings for every employee and account.

Fully-integrated credit card processing

Safely and securely bill your customer’s credit card through the LBM LIFT OFF POS via a third-party credit card processing partner.

Automated Sell Pricing

Set pricing for all your products and sell it for the right amount every time.

Set competitive pricing

Pricing can be as simple or in-depth as you like, and you can set it based on GP%, markup or markdown.

Automatically adjusted price plans

Once you create your sell price plan (matrix or contract) in LBM LIFT OFF, it will automatically adjust all prices based on latest price field and account details. This can adjust automatically during your price sheet imports or not, and LBM LIFT OFF will manage pricing by dollar tiers so you don’t have to do it yourself in Excel.

Increase net profit instantly

LBM LIFT OFF price plans make it easier than ever before for you to hold higher margins on lower dollar parts and cross-section that for tighter margins on loss leaders—all within each department, class and fine line.

No data limits

All sell price plans are safe and saved forever in LBM LIFT OFF’s private cloud environment hosted by AWS.

Tracking Costs - Pricing

Manage costs more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Easily update costs

Import and export options make updating supplier pricing fast and easy. You can even automate import settings to save extra time.

Automate with FTPs

Vendors can connect to our FTP, or we can connect to theirs. Either way, the entire cost tracking process from mapping to formulas can be automated.

Account for discounts

Apply discounts or coupons to an account’s web or stock orders for a set length of time, or run them indefinitely.

Track account balances

When you create or apply deposits and gift cards, LBM LIFT OFF will track them for each account.

No third-party software required

LBM LIFT OFF has everything you need to easily manage your cost updates.

No data limits

All price sheet data is safe and saved forever in LBM LIFT OFF's private cloud environment hosted by AWS.

Delivery/Dispatch Software

Track deliveries from a finalized invoice to a customer signature all from LBM LIFT OFF.

Track every step

Track deliveries by driver, using target delivery time, routes, and driver times to customers.

Optimize delivery routes

Set up routes in advance to optimize delivery runs.

Receive electronic signatures

With the LBM LIFT OFF mobile app, drivers can run paperless, ensure they deliver all products and receive electronic signatures from customers during delivery.


Sell online through top eCommerce platforms.

Exclusive access to LBM LIFT OFF B2B

LBM LIFT OFF B2B is available only to LBM LIFT OFF customers and offers their customers real-time access to invoices, statements, online ordering.

Invoice Advertisements

Place ads on your invoices to let customers know what you sell and help influence what they buy.

No printing overlap

With LBM LIFT OFF, your ads go the bottom of your invoice, which means they print on the same sheet at the same time.

Customize ads by account type

Create ad campaigns to educate customers on value propositions or discounts for lines they may or may not be purchasing from you yet.

Easily manage campaigns

Unlimited ads can be assigned to customer groups and will change each time you print an invoice. Simply set your date range and other criteria. Your ads will manage themselves.

Directly import images

Create and import unlimited advertisement image files directly into LBM LIFT OFF.


A smartphone-sized LBM LIFT OFF

Always real-time data

Your products, inventory, orders and customers are always real-time regardless of how you access LBM LIFT OFF.

Easy-to-use interface

Everything is tailored for the size of your smartphone’s screen.

Receive electronic signatures

Delivery and dispatch drivers can capture electronic signatures from customers when they deliver their orders.

Mobile dashboard

You can always access LBM LIFT OFF from a web browser on a phone or tablet. However, the LBM LIFT OFF mobile app provides an optimized interface designed specifically for small screens. It's all the great features of your dashboard, only easier to act on when you are out of the office and on-the-move.