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Owners have a combined 45 years of experience managing LBM operations

Cloud Based - no servers or hardware required and no more shutting down operations for updates

Real Time Integration - Sync Faster Bids, Quickbooks and a multitude of other applications to update through the platform in real time

Seamlessly Import/Export Data - uploaded data automatically syncs throughout the platform

Location Based Pricing - unlimited users per location

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Existing Industry Software

Created and Managed by Software Companies

Hardware Required At Each Location

Input Data Updated Required For Each Section of The Platform

No Real Time Integration

Location Plus User Based Pricing

About The Founders

Founded by LBM industry veterans - John Askin, Jr. and John Askin, Sr –– with 45 years of combined experience in the management of a multi-location material distribution company, the Askins' goal was to create a better way to deliver an operations management software that really works for the LBM industry!

John Senior was the President and a minority shareholder in the company, and John Junior was a VP and Chief Financial Officer.  During the time they managed the company they evaluated as well as purchased and installed several different software programs used in the operation of the business.

Their disappointing experiences working with these various programs and vendors compelled the Founders to design a new operations management software. LBM LIFT OFF delivers what they know LBM operators need in order to achieve liftoff for their businesses!

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